Experienced Leadership

Agency Builder

With a career spanning 20 years, I have founded and grown three successful digital agencies that were ultimately acquired by larger agencies. My most recent company, BabyRobot, the digital division of kbs+ Canada, went from $0 to over $8mm in sustained revenue, within a five year period. As co-leader of kbs+ Canada, I helped the agency realize 300% growth within that same timeframe. These achievements have taught me how to successfully build long-term brand value and drive profitable business growth.

Industry Leader

I have remained at the forefront of digital engagement since before the Internet was ever recognized as a viable marketing medium. From my first website design company in 1993, I continue to chase down the latest trends and technologies that drive better brand engagement and true market differentiation. I am also a technology junkie who enjoys writing articles for Marketing, AdAge and Strategy and proudly speaking on behalf of the IAB and others.

Change Agent

I have helped companies leverage their core capabilities and developed new business lines that respond to industry trends and current market opportunities. This experience has helped me achieve a longer view on what lies ahead. With this vision, I have driven significant year-over-year sales growth, built strong internal brand cultures, and boldly expanded into lucrative new markets. Change is good!

Marketing Innovation that builds your brand

We all have our own idea of what Marketing Innovation could mean for our business. For some it is as simple as helping evolve your offering,
and others it could mean understanding how specific technologies could help create better engagement. 

To me, a properly executed and Innovative marketing plan drives greater brand differentiation and renewed consideration for your brand.
Also, embracing a culture of Innovation demonstrates that your company is making tangible efforts (and taking some tactical risk)
to better engage/serve your consumers and in turn, stand apart from your industry peers.

Therefore, the greatest gains that you can make beyond your existing business model, is through true Innovative Strategic Thinking.

What's your Return on Innovation?

ROI. It's the the means by which business leaders understand where their invested dollars are going, and what kind of positive impact that investment has had in the company. Innovation works the same way. Investing in your company's ongoing evolution is just smart business.  Knowing what trends are impacting your sales, what consumer behaviours are hampering your engagement, and what technologies are disrupting your industry are all not to be taken lightly. 

As your 'gun for hire' I can be dropped into your business quickly and efficiently, working with you to identify the Innovation opportunities that lie ahead, with a focus on which are best suited to meet the current and future needs of your business.